Health Benefits

Making healthy choices is getting harder and finding out where your food really comes from can feel impossible. You can be sure we don’t use refined sugars or flavourings and our almonds are 100% Australian grown.

A healthy lifestyle feels great and you will feel great choosing The Almond Farmer’s sustainably grown farm fresh almond products.

Australian almonds are a ‘superfood’ with many health benefits, including:

  • Research shows almonds can help regulate blood sugar, manage weight, power the brain and increase energy production.

  • Almonds are full of important vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibre. This ready to eat snack is highly nutritious.

  • Eating a handful of almonds, at least five times a week can reduce  the risk of developing heart disease by 30-50%

  • Studies have shown that eating two handfuls of almonds can lower cholesterol, especially the ‘bad’ kind.

Almond Nutrition Information

Average Quantity per Serving (30g)Average Quantity per 100g
Energy759kj (181Cal)2530kj (604Cal)
Fat, Total16.6g 55.2g
– Saturated1.1g3.6g
– Trans0.0g0.0g
– Monounsaturated10.8g36.0g
– Polyunsaturated3.9g13.1g
– Sugars1.3g4.4g
Dietary Fibre2.6g8.8g
Vitamin E7.8mg25.9mg
Plant Sterols36mg120mg

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